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#NextLevelChef's Pandemic Pantry Episode 2: How to cut corn like a Jedi Knight...

In this week's Pandemic Pantry, Beau Beau helps us cook leftover corn and chicken to make an incredible meal. You'll also see our use of Star Wars' technology to cut the corn. Beau Beau uses his lightsaber to perfectly cut the corn in half in order to make it easier to cut off the cob. See below for the recipes, ingredients and some suggestions from viewers on how to make it even better...


Corn Relish:

Corn on the cob

Sweet red pepper


cilantro (preferably fresh, but dried cilantro leaves work as well)

salt and pepper



Optional add-ons (if you have or want to take it to the next level):

cooked bacon, crumbled or chorizo

Cotija cheese crumbles or Feta or goat cheese

Avocado chunks


Chicken cutlets, breasts or tenders. (note: if you have time use a brine to ensure juicier chicken) Don't just take our word for it, our good friend Myron Mixon says he brine's all of his birds and with his record of success its hard to argue! You can find his brine recipe by clicking here.

Favorite seasoning and/or salt and pepper

Lime juice or lemon juice

Watch the video above for directions...

Check back next week for more from the Pandemic Pantry and remember to use those leftover ingredients already in your fridge to limit your trips to the store. If you need meal ideas email us at

Stay safe out there! And be sure to check out our interview with Peter Schorsch on his podcast "Hunkering down with Peter Shorsch":

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